"The staff at In & Out are so knowledgeable about pants, chemicals, weeds, & different ways to grow amazing plants. Anything you need or need to know.... See them first!" -Sammi

"Wonderful local business. Extremely insightful and helpful staff with the know how to help all horticulturalists big or small. I choose in and out for ALL my garden needs!" -Josh

"Went in the other day with a handful of technical questions on their nutrient line. Staff was enthusiastic and full of useful info. Teresa, Eric, and Tony all helped immensely, I will be back!" -Wayne

"These guys were super knowledgeable and helped me get back on track with growing. They have tons of nutrients on hand, and a little bit of everything else. Lights, pots, soil, aggregate, tents, fans, air pumps, ballasts, etc. If they don't have it, they can order it!" -CrunkComputing

"We still have a lot to dial in but I have not seen vigor, health, structure or rapid generative growth like this in the past ten years! Our Vegetative plants threw calyx's after their second foliar biostimulant app (and continued to grow vegetatively)." -Austen

"I can't thank you guys enough. Not only for improving our operations but also renewing our passion and insatiable thirst for learning." - Austen

"First I want to send a huge thank you to Mr. Harley Smith for his fantastic work and videos. Harley is a hero in the community of thinkers and growers. The science of growing is very complicated, but thanks to him he teaches the regular person the keys to plant growth. Now I would like to inform you that the amino acid product is like steroids to my plants. In 24 hours they just exploded in growth, just amazing. The other 3 products I use is the grow, bloom, and calmag. Just fantastic, but the most amazing to me was the amino acid product.
Thank you again." -Joe

"Everything in Harley's advanced growing course is well worth the money. This is something that will last you the rest of your life and help you eat higher quality food & grow higher quality herbs - helping you learn how to strengthen plants defense system to avoid diseases, heat shock, cold and frost shock, etc. I've grown strawberries right into December with the help of the master grower course. They were sweeter and the plants were semi-immune from snow and frost. Harley is a great teacher a great friend and his classes are fun. I plan on signing up again and buying all the materials. I've been doing it for about seven years. Man I am growing some excellent vegetables, I don't hardly go shopping anymore." -Rob

"Harley and Sue are the best team there is. The knowledge they share is pure gold and can make any devout grower a Master Grower. Much love!" -Anonymous

"Not all heros wear capes...sometimes they wear lab coats."

"You know what I've always loved about Harley's teachings, he's NEVER GOTTEN TO THE POINT WHERE HE'S STOPPED LEARNING!!!"

"Really, I love this guy! I learn from him so much, and like me, you can see, that growing plants and understanding them is his real passion! God bless, Mr.Smith, keep up the excellent work!"

"Mr. Smith, I've been trying to understand the fundamentals of how plants take up nutrients so I can put together a nutrient regimen for my indoor garden instead of being sold pricey pre-mixed nutrient solutions that claim to be the best at everything! I have spent countless hours on youtube, and the web trying to understand how it all works. You have not only put together a phenomenal presentation, but you have given me so much information about the way plants take up nutrients. I can’t thank you enough for your research, and furthermore the sharing of that information. YOU ROCK!!"